WiP seminars


The Work in Progress seminar will run weekly and is for team members only.

The meetings will take place at Corpus Christi College, normally 2:00-4:00pm or 11:00-13:00pm in the Morelli Room, but occasionally different days, times and places.

Schedule for Trinity Term 2017:

          2 May: Slot 1: George Darby & David Glick; Slot 2: Martin Pickup.

          9 May: Slot 1: Andrea Roselli; Slot 2: Christopher Austin.

          16 May: Slot 1: Jason Winning; Slot 2: Salim Hireche.

          31 May: Slot 1: John Heil.

          6 June: Slot 1: Arthur Dony; Slot 2: Andrea Oldofredi.

          13 June: Slot 1:Matteo Grasso & Anna Marmodoro; Slot 2: Daniel Kodaj.

Schedule for Hilary Term 2017:

          18 January: Daniel Kodaj: Modality from Dispositions? / Causing Miracles in Humean Supervenience.

          7 February: David Glick: Pluralist Structural Realism / Against Quantum Indeterminacy.

          15 February: Martin Pickup.

          21 February: Christopher Austin & Anna Marmodoro: Homeodynamic Structural Powers.

         28 February: George Darby: There are no metaphysical laws and metaphysical explanation doesn't make any sense.

          7 March: Salim Hireche.


Schedule for Michaelmas Term 2016:

20 October: Daniel Kodaj

03 November: George Darby: Two state humeanismand the BSA

10 November: David Glick: What wrong with action at a distance?

17 November: Martin Pickup: Unextended complexes: some further applications.

24 November: Anna Marmodoro & Christopher Austin: tbc

1 December: Mark Sinclair: Being Inclined:Tendency, Inclination and the Metaphysics of Powers.

7 December: Damiano Migliorini: Relations and (relational?) Ontologies.

8 December: Sophie Cartwright: Vulnerability in Gregory of Nyssa.


Previous terms:

Schedule for Trinity Term 2016:

27 April: Ben Page

3 May: Florian Boge

12 May: David Glick

19 May: Martin Pickup

26 May: Christopher Austin

2 June: Anna Marmodoro

9 June: George Darby

          16 June: Daniel Kodaj


Schedule for Hilary Term 2016:

27 January: Martin Pickup: Varieties of Potentiality

10 February: Maximilian Zachrau: Formalizing Potentiality

24 February: Daniel Kodaj: Possibility: Metaphysics and Semantics

9 March: David Glick: Objections


Schedule for Michaelmas Term 2015:

12 October: Naoya Iwata: The Recollection Argument in Plato's Phaedo

19 October: Daniel Kodaj: Dispositions and totalities

26 October: Martin Pickup: Dispositional Divine Action

2 November: Anna Marmodoro and Erasmus Mayr: On the Powers of Entanglement

9 November: George Darby: Would superquantum correlations be metaphysically different from entanglement?

23 November: Naoya Iwata: Power and Definition in Plato's Phaedrus

30 November: Christopher Austin: The Structure of Powers: Information, Probability, and Transitivity