To achieve the Project's goals, Dr Marmodoro will build a two-tier collaborative network around the Project: there will be a close-knit, core network which will comprise the projectís team; and in addition a broader network: within the Faculty of Philosophy at Oxford, and beyond that, within the international philosophical community.

A team of Post-doctoral researchers will be appointed in collaboration with a selection committee from the Faculty of Philosophy at Oxford University, through international competition. The aim in making these appointments will be that the team as a whole covers the span of specialities required for carrying out the project at highest level of excellence.

The team will thus include five Post-doctoral fellows specialising in the Pre-Socratics, Plato, Hellenistic and Latin philosophy, and Plotinus respectively, plus one Post-doctoral fellow specialising in contemporary metaphysics. These Post-doctoral fellows will be appointed at different times during the duration of the Project, for the requisite periods of time, balancing the range of texts they will each examine with possibilities of joint thematic investigation of texts with the other Post-doctoral fellows in the team. In addition to leading the teamís research, throughout the duration of the Project Dr Marmodoro will carry out an investigation of Aristotleís Corpus in light of the new structuralist lines of research she is proposing.


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