Research in Progress


What the Project Team is doing…

March 2016

Anna Marmodoro

In March Anna gave a research paper on Galen’s Aristotelian powers at the workshop: “Dispositions; philosophical and historical perspectives” at the Humboldt university in Berlin; and was a panel discussant at the conference on “Powers, Essence and Activity in Late Antiquity” which she co-organized with Philippe Hoffman in Paris. During the month she worked primarily toward completing her monograph on Anaxagoras for OUP, under the title “Everything in Everything. An essay on Anaxagoras’ metaphysics”.

February 2016

Anna Marmodoro

In February Anna presented her work in progress on "Powers, Structures and Downward Causation" at departmental colloquia in Helsinki and Tampere (Finland) and her work on the Stoics on parts and wholes at the University of Leeds. Anna and Sophie Cartwright were offered a contract from Cambridge University Press for their coedited volume on Mind and Body in late Antiquity. Anna and Erasmus are setting up one more summer school on the project’s themes, to be held in Naples (Italy) in September 2016.

January 2016

Anna Marmodoro

In January Anna gave a talk on gunk at conference on Parthood organised by Shieva Kleinschmidt at the University of Southern California, LA; a talk on fundamentality and emergence at a departmental colloquium at the Central European University in Hungary; and a talk on Aristotle on perception at the Institute of Philosophy in London. She has also been working on her book on Anaxagoras for Oxford University Press, and a new edited book on Mind and Body in Late Antiquity in collaboration with Sophie Cartwright for Cambridge University Press.