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A bibliography for contemporary powers metaphysics can be found here.

The division of philpapers devoted to Dispositions and Powers is here.

The 'Dispositions' article in Oxford Bibliographies Online (subscription required) is here.

Conferences related to the themes of the Power Structuralism in Ancient Ontologies Project:

The Metaphysics of Properties and Relations

2nd-3rd July 2015, University of Bergamo. 

Speakers: Ralf Busse (University of Mainz), Fabrice Correia (University of Neuchatel), Thomas Hofweber (University of North Carolina-Chapel Hill), Peter van Inwagen (University of Notre Dame), Fraser MacBride (University of Glasgow), Anna Marmodoro (University of Oxford), Anna Sofia Maurin (University of Gothenburg), Kristopher McDaniel (Syracuse University), Kevin Mulligan (University of Geneva), Gonzalo Rodriguez-Pereyra (University of Oxford); Peter Simons (Trinity College, Dublin)  

Emergence and Reduction in Science Workshop (IHPST)

This workshop, on emergence and reduction in science, will take place on 23-25 Oct 2014 at IHPST, 13 rue du Four, 75006 Paris, 2e étage, salle de conférences. Métro Mabillon. 

5th Meeting of the Société de philosophie des sciences (SPS) «Metaphysics of science» 

The 5th SPS meeting will take place from Wednesday June 25th to Friday June 27th 2014 in Lille (France).

Its main theme is the metaphysics of science. The event will be hosted by the Universities of Lille 1 and Lille 3.

Emergence and Grounding
University  of Glasgow, 25-26 May 2015

Speakers: Jessica Wilson (Toronto), David Chalmers (ANU/NYU), Timothy O'Connor (Indiana); Paul Noordhof (York), Stephan Leuenberger (Glasgow), Umut Baysan (Glasgow), Neil McDonnell (Glasgow) 


Colloquium: Issues in Aristotle's Modal Ontology, Logic, and Moral Epistemology

The meeting will take on Monday 28th April 2014 at the Department of Philosophy, History, Culture and Arts Studies, University of Helsinki.

The colloquium is open to all interested in Aristotle’s philosophy and these issues in general. 

Metaphysics of Science: Causation and Natural Kinds

20-21 March 2014, IHPST (CNRS/université Paris I Sorbonne)

Speakers: Françoise Longy (IHPST), Andrew McFarland (Kansas), Philippe Huneman (IHPST), Thomas Reydon (Hannover), Alex Manafu (IHPST), P.D. Magnus (Albany), Muhammad Khalidi (York), Matthew Slater (Bucknell), Béatrice de Montera (IHPST), Stephen Mumford (Nottingham) & Rani Anjum (Norwegian University of Life Science)

Symposium on Causation: New Prospects

5-6 December 2013, Collège de France, Paris

Speakers:   Claudine Tiercelin (Collège de France), Huw Price (Cambridge), Laurie Paul (UNC Chapel Hill), Sara Bernstein (Duke), Michael Strevens (NYU), Stephen Mumford (Nottingham).

Workshop on Fundamentality

11–12 October 2013, Birmingham

Speakers:  Mark Jago (Nottingham), Maya Eddon (U. of Massachussetts at Amherst), Kit Fine (New York University, Birmingham), Elizabeth Barnes (Leeds), Alastair Wilson (Birmingham), Louis deRosset (U. of Vermont).

Laws of Nature, Dispositions, and Natural Modality 

9–10 September 2013, Geneva

Speakers:  Rani Lill Anjum (Norwegian University of Life Sciences), Alexander Bird (University of Bristol), Michael Esfeld (University of Lausanne), Andreas Hüttemann (University of Cologne), Anna Marmodoro (University of Oxford), Olivier Massin (University of Geneva), Stephen Mumford (University of Nottingham), Daniel Nolan (Australian National University).


The Ontological Commitments of Dispositionalism

31 July – 2 August 2013, Innsbruck

Speakers: Rani Lill Anjum (UMB Oslo/ Norway), Ruth Groff (St. Louis University/ USA), John Heil (Washington University in St. Louis/ USA), Jonathan Jacobs (St. Louis University/ USA), Max Kistler (Sorbonne, Paris/ France), Jonathan Lowe (Durham/ UK), Anna Marmodoro (Oxford/ UK), Stephen Mumford (Nottingham/ UK), Josef Quitterer (Innsbruck/ Austria), Anne Sophie Spann (Innsbruck/ Austria), Neil Williams (Buffalo/ USA)

Causality and Experimentation in the Sciences

1–3 July 2013, Paris

Speakers:  Uljana Feest, Francesco Guala, Tamar Kushnir, Gianluca Manzo, Peter Spirtes, Marcel Weber 

More information: 


Consciousness and Structural Realism

April 29 2013, Liverpool

Speakers: Paul Coates, Sam Coleman, Phillip Goff, Eleanor Knox, David Papineau, Alastair Wilson

Click for more information 


Causation and Structuralism

8 February 2013, University of Cologne, hosted by DFG Research Group Causation | Laws | Dispositions | Explanation

Speakers:  Michael Esfeld, Mauro Dorato, Holger Lyre, Juha Saatsi, Johanna Wolf

More information:


Structuralism about Fundamental Reality and Natural Modality

26–27 October 2012, University of Luxembourg, Department of Philosophy

Speakers:  Stephen Barker (Nottingham), Angelo Cei (Leeds), Michael Esfeld (Lausanne), Frank Hofman (Luxembourg), Siegfried Jaag (Luxembourg), Matthew Tugby (Birmingham)

Detailed program and further information: 

Structuralism in Physics and Mathematics

The AHRC Foundations of Structuralism Project closing conference will be 21-23 September 2012.

Confirmed speakers so far include: Jeremy Butterfield, Shamik Dasgupta, Eleanor Knox, James Ladyman, Fraser MacBride, Kerry MacKenzie, Fred Muller, Richard Pettigrew and David Wallace. 

There will also be a programme of contributed papers. Submissions should consist of a title and an abstract of about a page, sent to by 30 April.

Project website:


Causation and Laws in the Special Sciences:  Metaphysical Foundations

GAP 8 Satellite Workshop

Constance, Friday 21st – Saturday 22nd September 2012

Organised by Markus Schrenk and Alexander Reutlinger for the DFG Research Group Causation | Laws | Dispositions | Explanation, in collaboration with GAP, the Society for Analytic Philosophy in Germany

To register, please write to by 31 August at the latest.

For more information see 


Causation in Science – Temporality, Modality and Reduction

The workshop will take place at UMB on 3-5 September 2012.
See the list of titles and abstracts here:

Mauricio Suárez, 
Iñaki San Pedro, Carl Hoefer, Mauro Dorato, 
Ragnar Fjelland, Stephen Mumford, Allen Stairs, Sigurd Tønnessen, Arnt Myrstad, 
Dagfinn Døhl Dybvig, Thor Sandmel, 
Anita Leirfall, Fredrik Andersen, 
Elias Núñez, Rani Lill Anjum


Symmetry, Structure and the Constitution of Objects

One-day workshop, Tuesday 21 August 2012

University of Leeds, Centre for History and Philosophy of Science

School of Philosophy, Religion and History of Science

Speakers:  Elena Castellani (Florence) and Laura Crosilla (Leeds), F.A. Muller (Rotterdam, Utrecht), Silvia De Bianchi (Rome "La Sapienza"/UCL), Adam Caulton (Cambridge).

Inquiries to:


Dispositions:  A Workshop with Jennifer McKitrick

Cologne, 23 July 2012

More information about this event is here

Organised by Marcus Schrenk.


University of Kent Science and Metaphysics 2012

Kent, 2-3 July 2012

More information about this conference is here

Dispositions, Causes, Modality

Workshop in Cologne
7-9 March 2012

Convenors: Arno Goebel, Andreas Hüttemann, Alexander Reutlinger, and Markus Schrenk 


One-day workshop on Kit Fine's Theory of Neutral Relations

University of Liverpool 
Monday 21 November 2011
Speakers:  Prof. Kit Fine (NYU), Dr Fraser MacBride (Cambridge), Prof. Richard M. Gaskin (Liverpool), Dr Daniel J. Hill (Liverpool)


Conference on Causal Powers in Contemporary Metaphysics 

Putting Powers to Work
Department of Philosophy, Saint Louis University 

28th-30th April 2011

Speakers: Stephen Mumford, Anjan Chakravartty, Timothy O'Connor, Max Kistler, Neil Williams, David Robb, Nancy Cartwright, John Heil, Alexander Bird

Commentators: Anna Marmodoro, Timothy Pawl, Rani Anjum, Jeffrey Brower, Dan Ryder, Susan Schneider, Markus Schrenk, Meghan Sullivan

Conference on Ontological Dependence

Department of Philosophy, University of Bristol 
12th-13th February 2011

Speakers: Fabrice Correira, Shamik Dasgupta, Leon Horsten, Kerry McKensie, Steven French, Øystein Linnebo, Laurie Paul, Ed Zalta