Hilary Term 2012:

18/01/2012: chapters 12 from Stephen Mumford and Rani Lill Anjum (2011) Getting Causes from Powers, Oxford University Press

25/01/2012: Alexander Bird (Bristol)

`Limitations of Power'

01/02/2012:  chapters 34 from Getting Causes from Powers

08/02/2012: Max Kistler (Sorbonne) 

`Objective and Subjective Powers and Dispositions'

15/02/2012:  chapters 56 from Getting Causes from Powers

22/02/2012:  Scott Berman (St. Louis University)

`A Platonic Theory of Truthmaking'

29/02/2012:  chapters 78 from Getting Causes from Powers

07/03/2012:  **Peter Simons (Trinity College, Dublin) **

Peter Simons was unfortunately unable to be in Oxford for this seminar.

The reading group met instead on this date.  We were fortunate that Ross Inman led a discussion of Mumford & Anjum, chapters 6, 7 and 8.