(Neo-)Aristotelian Approaches to the Metaphysics of the Mind

1 2 October 2016 


The Harry Wilks Study Center at the Villa Vergiliana

Naples, Italy



Invited Speakers


Riccardo Chiaradonna  (Università Roma Tre)

Ancient perspectives on Aristotle's theory of the soul as a hylomorphic form -- from Aristotle to Plotinus: Epiphenomenalism, Emargentism and Dualism.

William Jaworski (Fordham University)

 Keeping Hylomorphic Structure in Mind.


Howard Robinson (Central European University) 

 What can Aristotelianism contribute to the philosophy of mind?


Rowland Stout (University College Dublin)

Process, Action and Experience.





Conference program


Saturday, 1 October


4:00-6:00pm Prof. Riccardo Chiaradonna

6:00-8:00pm Prof. William Jaworski


Sunday, 2 October

9:30-11:30am Prof Howard Robinson

11:30-13:30pm Prof Rowland Stout