Mauro Dorato (University of Rome): "Quantum Mechanics as a Metaphysics of Events". Listen to the talk here.

Abstract: In this paper I argue that if we want to make sense of quantum mechanics as being primarily about “stuff” existing in spacetime, it is indispensible to refer to an ontology of events. After a defense of the claim that an ontology of events is the best candidate to bridge the gap between the manifest and the physical image of the world, I present the main theories of events that are available in the metaphysical market. In the second part of the paper, I defend the view that events are the unifying trait of the three primitive ontologies of QM (Bohmian mechanics and the two versions of GRW theories of collapse, flashes and density of stuff). However, to the extent that one wants to defend a form of indirect realism about the wave function, one needs to endorse also the idea that the latter is a disposition possessed by all the particles in the universe. It therefore becomes important to try to establish a link between the category of events and that of dispositional properties, and with this aim I conclude by evaluating Lewis’ suggestion that events are to be regarded as properties of regions of spacetime.