Howard Robinson: "The Causal Power of Structure and the Role of Intellect"

Howard Robinsion: "The Causal Power of Structure and the Role of Intellect". Listen to the talk here.


First, I will consider Jaworski’s interesting recent attempt to defend hylomorphism, understood as the irreducible and the causal efficacy of structure. I shall reject this as unsuccessful, then try to see where this leaves us. I shall develop what I’ll dub the ‘radically dualist’ option, according to which  the fundamental physical level and the mind are the only fundamental levels. This will involve looking at different interpretations of the question ‘are there any Fs?’ – roughly, the realist and conceptualist interpretations. I shall then look at how this relates to the Aristotelian/Wigginsian treatment of our common-sense ontology, especially the reality of biological entities