Giannis Stamatellos: "Philia and Neikos in Plotinus' Enneads"


Giannis Stamatellos (Doukas School and DEREE - The American College of Greece): "Philia and Neikos in Plotinus' Enneads". Listen here

The  aim  of this talk is to discuss Plotinusí use of the Empedoclean powers of philia and neikos in the Enneads, with special reference to treatises III.2  [47] On Providence; IV.4  [28] On  the  Difficulties  of  the  Soul  II; IV.8  [6] On  the  Descent  of the Soul into  the  Bodies; V.1  [10] On  the  three  Primary  Hypostases  of  Being and  VI.7 [38] On  the  Forms  and  the  Good. It  is  suggested  that  whereas  Plotinus  considers philia as  a  power  to  be  identified  with  the ultimate unity  of  the  One, neikos is related  to  the  plurality  and  divisibility  of  being.