The Faculty research environment


The Faculty has a large and excellent cluster of leading experts in ancient philosophy, who cover between themselves all the areas and historical periods relevant to the project.  Oxford is also a world centre for the study of structuralism in metaphysics, philosophy of physics and philosophy of mathematics.

Faculty members with research interests in classical philosophy:

Susanne Bobzien (All Souls College)

Lesley Brown (Somerville College)

David Charles (Oriel College)

Ursula Coope (Corpus Christi College)

Roger Crisp (St Anne's College)

Gail Fine (Merton College)

Edward Hussey (All Souls College) 

Terry Irwin (Keble College)

Thomas Johansen (Brasenose College)

Lindsay Judson (Christ Church)

Karen Margrethe Nielsen (Somerville College)

Michael Peramatzis (Worcester College)

Chris Shields (Lady Margaret Hall)

Richard Sorabji (Wolfson College)

Faculty members whose research interests in contemporary philosophy are relevant to the Project:

Frank Arntzenius (University College)

Ralf Bader (Merton College) 

Harvey Brown (Wolfson College)

Cian Dorr (University College)

Hilary Greaves (Somerville College)

John Hawthorne (Magdalen College)

Adrian Moore (St Hugh's College)

Oliver Pooley (Oriel College)

Gonzalo Rodriguez-Pereyra (Oriel College)

Simon Saunders (Linacre College)

Chris Timpson (Brasenose College)

David Wallace (Balliol College)

Tim Williamson (New College)

Socrates seated