The Metaphysics of the Stoics: Causes, Principles, and Mereology

 23-24 June 2015

Corpus Christi College, Oxford


Invited Speakers Include:

Victor Caston (Michigan) - 'The Metaphysics of Stoic Representation'

Jean-Baptiste Gourinat (CNRS) - 'The Ontology and Syntax of Stoic Causes and Effects'

Ricardo Salles (UNAM) - 'Two Classic Problems in the Stoic Theory of Time'

Susan Sauvé Meyer (UPenn) - 'Is Stoic Impulse a Cause of Action?'

David Sedley (Cambridge) - 'Stoics on Diachronic Identity'

Katja Vogt (Columbia) - 'The Agency of the World'


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Registration is now open. The standard registration fee is £10 (this is waived for graduate students) and includes the cost of tea and coffee. Participants also have the option of purchasing lunch through the online store. Please register online here.

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This conference is financially supported by The Power Structuralism in Ancient Ontologies Project (funded by the European Research Council), The Mind Association, The British Society for the History of Philosophy, and the Maison Française d'Oxford.

Graduate students seeking assistance with the costs of attending this conference may wish to apply to the The Thomas Wiedemann Memorial Fund. The Fund notes that "trustees are particularly keen to support attendance by individuals or groups at seminars or conferences". 


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