Augustine's De Ordine: Philosophical, Historical and Theological Perspectives.

26-29 March 2018

The Throne, Weobley,

Hereford, HR4 8SN.



Kazuhiko Demura (Okayama University)

 "The Philosophical background of De Ordine"


Miyako Demura (Tohoku Gakuin University)

"Origen in Augustine's De Ordine?"


Mark Edwards (Oxford University)

"De Ordine as Neoplatonic Theology"


Naoki Kamimura (Tokyo Gakugei University)

"The Rhetoric of De Ordine"


Anna Marmodoro (Oxford University)

"Augustine and Aristotle"


Neil McLynn (Oxford University)

"The Historical context of De Ordine


Complete conference programme will be available here.

The workshop is financially suported by Daiwa Foundation.

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