Aristotelian and Contemporary Perspectives on the Mind

6–7 September 2013

Venue: Maison Française d'Oxford


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Confirmed Speakers:

Stephen Butterfill (Warwick)

'Collective Agency and Knowledge of Others' Minds'

Victor Caston (University of Michigan at Ann Arbor)

'Aristotle on Illusions, Hallucinations and Dreams'

Jérôme Dokic (Institut Jean-Nicod, Paris)

'Common Sense and Metaperception'

Jean Louis Labarriere (CNRS)

'Aristotle on Intellectual Pleasures'

Anna Marmodoro (Oxford)

'Aristotle on the Problem of Common Sensibles'

Mika Perala (Helsinki)

'Aristotle on Singular Thought'

Louise Richardson (York)

'Multimodal Perception and the Distinction Between the Senses

Howard Robinson (Budapest)

'The Causal Power of Structure and the Role of Intellect'

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This conference is co-organised by Anna Marmodoro (Oxford) and Mika Perala (Helsinki).

The conference is financially supported by the Power Structuralism in Ancient Ontologies Project, funded by the European Research Council and directed by Anna Marmodoro; by the Academy of Finland, via Mika Perala’s Aristotle on Memory Project; and by the Maison Française d’Oxford, whose director, Anne Simonin, the organisers warmly thank.


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